Race Tested... & Driver Approved!!

Tighten down those belts and get a firm grip on the steering wheel it’s time to fire up the engine. When rolling off the starting grid in the newly designed Ominous Champ you can rest assure it is going to be a ride like never before. The new innovatived design allows for a smoother exit out of the corners which translates to more speed down the straight-a-ways. The 2012 Ominous Champ definitely lives up to its name in that each time you unload at the track you will sense the fear coming from the competition.  The Ominous Standard Edition comes complete with a body kit.

 upgradable options including;


- Kevlar brake and
throttle cable lines
- Billet aluminum pedals
Corner speed front bearing set
Custom "Tilt" steering wheel
- Seat strut "Catch Can"