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eaglesnest raceway

Welcome to Godfather Racing. We are known best around the karting world for destroying the competition from coast to coast with our newly designed "Mayhem Chassis". Along side the Mayhem, the Godfather of chassis building  has instilled a sense of impending disaster into each and every competitor with the revolutionary "Ominous Champ Kart".

Over the years and countless laps, team Godfather has learned how the smallest of details can mean the difference between being first in the race or the first to lose the race. That's why our chassis are custom built with each driver in mind. Constructed with only the highest quality components, our chassises have taken the racing world by storm! When coupled with our company's commitment to first class customer service its a combination that can NOT be rivaled.

Racing is all about wining so, don't roll the dice with your next chassis..




Godfather Racing Chassis
Horn Lake, MS 38637